Love Lockdown

I’ve lost count of the number of these ‘love padlocks’ chained to bridges across cities in Europe. They always made quite a pretty picture, but I never really understood why many couples saw fit to commemorate their love by literally locking it in. Why would one choose to connote their love with the very thing that symbolises an involuntary shackling that could never open without a key? (Most of which end up gleefully hurled into the river) A lock traps people in, and keeps people out.

In many ways I always saw a great love akin to flying a kite. A force strong enough to fly you high and beautiful in the clouds, yet close enough to prevent you from getting lost in the wind. And at the end of the day, you find yourself being wound back home to safety, in the familiar hands you know.

I came across Butcher’s Bridge after having just landed in Ljubljana and discovering that the good people of the baggage handling universe had broken the locks off my suitcase. The idea of nicking some locks off the bridge did come to mind, but the thought of being responsible for some chain of massive heartbreak quickly threw that idea out the window.


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